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My name is Colin Wyatt and I have been a professional illustrator since 1957, when I joined an art department at The Amalgamated Press - later to become I.P.C. Magazines. I worked on young children’s comics such as Tiny Tots, Jack & Jill and Playhour for almost twenty years.

I began my Disney work in 1971, producing covers and posters for many Disney annuals, monthlies and weeklies published by I.P.C. In addition I illustrated most of the free gift inserts for Disney comics. In 1975 I joined the staff of Action Comic and went on to 2000 A.D. where I became Art Editor in 1978.

I left I.P.C. in 1980 to take up a full time freelance career. In 1985 I created a visual concept for The Poddington Peas, which later became an animated series shown regularly on BBC TV. Since then I have illustrated dozens of well known characters, from Noddy to Thomas the Tank Engine.

Being freelance allowed me to undertake many different facets of illustrating, including ceramic plates, gift and special occasion cards, merchandising products, games and puzzles and some very special projects.

It isn’t possible on my website to show everything that I have produced but I hope you will get an idea of my range, experience and skills. Please get in touch with me even if you do not see exactly what you are looking for. I can work in many more styles than are shown here – just ask if you want something different.


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